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Residential Closings

Providing residential real estate title and closing services in West Virginia and working with Lenders, Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers, are the main reasons why Go Title’s owner and real estate attorney, Kevin Moffatt, practices law. From the very beginning of his 28-year legal career, Kevin has been, and continues to be, passionate about providing residential real estate title and closing services as an equal member of a team of lenders, loan officers, buyers, realtors, sellers, mortgage brokers, and appraisers, to accomplish a unified goal.

That goal is to close the purchase loan transaction in a timely, responsive, and quality manner. Go Title is honored to provide such services and play its role with those team members to accomplish that goal. Kevin has consistently performed the title and closing role in accomplishing that goal thousands of times during the past 28 years. Go Title welcomes the opportunity to accomplish that same goal for you.

So, whether it is a lender financed closing, cash closing, or owner financed closing for your purchase transaction, or a refinance loan transaction, GO with GO Title…where contracts GO to close!