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Go Title PLLC is a title agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company. Go Title’s owner and real estate attorney, Kevin Moffatt, has been a licensed title insurance agent for both First American and Old Republic for most of his 28-year legal career. Title insurance protects the insured lender and/or the insured property owner from multiple issues potentially impacting title to your home, or your business or investment property. Even the best title examination or title search might not protect your investment in your home or business property from matters not appearing in the public records.

Most lenders require a lender’s title insurance policy to protect the lender’s interest in and to the title to your home or business property as a condition of issuing the loan. Wise buyers exercise the option to purchase a separate owner’s title insurance policy to protect the owner’s title to their home, or their business or investment property.

So, when you need title insurance, GO with GO Title…where contracts GO to close!